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Our trial lawyers make the very best divorce
settlement negotiators. Our track record speaks for itself!

New Jersey Divorce cases, like their Civil Union Dissolution and Domestic Partnership Dissolution counterparts, deal with a variety of Matrimonial Law and Family Law issues, contentions or disputes. Certainly, the successful resolution and positive results achieved through these litigated actions and negotiated settlements could have life-long significance. In this regard, there is a strong connection between the knowledge, experience and respect your divorce lawyers command, and the proven positive results they aim to achieve.

Arthur T. Vanderbilt, law dean and New Jersey Chief Justice (1888-1957), once stated, in describing the qualities of a truly great lawyer:

“Unless a lawyer has had experience as an advocate, it is difficult to see how he can be a thoroughly competent counselor, for he will not be able to evaluate his client’s cause in terms of the realities of the courtroom… Advocacy is not a gift of the gods. In its trial as well as its appellate aspects, it involves several distinct arts, each of which must be studied and mastered.”

Arthur T. Vanderbilt, American Bar Association Journal,
Vol. 40, No. 1 (January 1954), p. 31.

Curtis J. Romanowski, Esq….

Founder and Principal of Romanowski Law Offices, continues in the pursuit of Justice Vanderbilt’s ideals in his work, study and commitment to his practice. Romanowski Law Offices develops and employs talented, tough and courtroom-tested Divorce Attorneys, who consistently marry their keen social sensitivities and shared compassion with their intellectual honesty and mental toughness. They love what they do, and treasure those whom they are privileged to serve.

Zealous legal representation is offered in connection with these non-exhaustive professional legal services:

  • Contested Divorce – Negotiated Settlement, Trial or Arbitration
  • Equitable Distribution – Fair Division of Assets
  • High Net Worth Divorce – Discovery, Assessment, Litigation, Settlement or Trial
  • Divorce Mediation – Mediate Your Divorce or Represent You at NJ Divorce Mediation
  • Military Divorce in NJ, Out of State Divorce in NJ, or International NJ Divorce
  • Palimony – Actions Involving Unmarried Cohabitants
  • Post-Divorce Motions, Applications
  • Uncontested Divorce – Default, Settlement, Matrimonial Settlement Agreement – MSA,
  • Property Settlement Agreement – PSA
  • Divorce Coaching and NJ Divorce Consultation
  • Hybrid – Custom NJ Divorce Resolution Services
  • Pre-Nuptial & NJ Post-Nupital Agreements

The Winner’s Circle

The people-oriented Family Law Attorneys at Romanowski Law Offices will carefully explore the facts of your case, discuss your priorities and key objectives, and expertly present you with your best strategic options. Our polished, perceptive professionals will create capably devised plans for the successfully negotiated settlement of your case. In those relatively rare instances where negotiated solutions to every issue in your case are unlikely, we will prepare to represent you at Trial… something we do quite proficiently. (Mike: Please link this to our trial results page.) Even when trials are pending or actually in progress, settlement opportunities still exist. Many cases get settled “on the Courthouse steps,” or so to speak.

An Investment in Your Future!

If you need reputable help with legal issues concerning Same-Sex Marriage, Civil Union or Domestic Partnership from a qualified, highly skilled professional, we can authoritatively advise and guide you through the key interest areas of your case, which may include the following non-exhaustive topical list:

  • Alimony (spousal maintenance / partner support)
  • Child Custody and Parenting Time / Visitation
  • Child Support – NJ Child Support Guidelines / Non-Guidelines Cases
  • Selecting Grounds for NJ Dissolution or Termination
  • Defining property rights under NJ Family Law
  • Domestic Torts
  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements / Post-Nuptial Agreements
  • Post-Civil Union Agreements
  • Cohabitation Agreements
  • Separation Agreements

Take a Giant Step in the Right Direction…

Be a winner! Meet the talented, tough and courtroom-tested attorneys at Romanowski Law Offices. Success starts with making the best foundational decisions as soon as you can. How do you turn a crisis into an opportunity?

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