Are You Accused Of Committing Domestic Violence In New Jersey?

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Are You Accused Of Committing Domestic Violence In New Jersey?

If you happen to be facing an allegation of domestic violence in New Jersey, it is imperative that you take the matter seriously. Thelaws regarding domestic violence in New Jersey are hard to navigate.  However, regardless of how difficult your case looks, you are still entitled to a fair trial and a good legal defense. Furthermore, if you are innocent of the charges, it is advisable that you hire an experienced attorney such as Curtis J. Romanowski from Romanowski Law Offices to build a stronger case.

What to Expect From a Domestic Abuse Defense Lawyer

It is important to note that if you have been accused of domestic violence or abuse, you can be arrested without warrant if it has been found that there had been probable cause. I

An experienced domestic violence lawyer can help you through all these challenges. For example they can:

  • Help to lift any restriction orders against you
  • Gather evidence to fight the allegations and build a stronger case
  • Help to find witnesses who are willing to testify on your behalf
  • Come up with creative strategies and enter the right plea
  • Ask your accuser about the case and potentially find discrepancies in their story

Looking For the Right Attorney

From the above, it is clear that hiring a lawyer for a domestic violence case will greatly help your case and help you to find clarity in the mess caused by the allegations. There are many defense attorneys out there, but here at Romanowski Law Offices, we have vast amounts of expertise and can help to strengthen your case with professionalism. Over the years, our attorney has successfully defended parties who have been accused of domestic abuse. He has such a good track record because he is well-versed in New Jersey domestic violence laws.

Mr. Romanowski specializes in representing clients that are dealing with family law matters. Since 1994, we have helped countless clients get through tough litigation cases and so that they can move on with their lives.

Here at Romanowski Law Offices, we offer professional legal representation that is compassionate and can help you to build a great legal defense against your accuser. With combined experience of nearly a century, we are one of the most experienced law firms in New Jersey. Our attorney has written numerous publications and has represented clients from all backgrounds in the field of family law.