Can You Achieve An Amicable Divorce?

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When couples decide that their marriage is over and feel that it is in their best interests to get a divorce, their decision can go down two ways. They can either part amicably or get embroiled in nasty, hateful exchanges. Couples who engage in highly contested, intense disputes usually end up with exorbitant legal fees after their divorce proceedings. An amicable divorce is definitely beneficial for both parties, be it financially or emotionally. Although it may be difficult to think about settling with your partner amicably, other couples have done it and here is how you can do it too.

What is an Amicable Divorce?

An amicable divorce is a divorce that ends in a respectful and peaceful way. Both parties in the marriage strive to work together to overcome their differences and reach a mutual agreement with as little tension and turmoil as possible. An amicable divorce is not only less stressful for the parties involved, but also a lot less expensive to carry out.

Avoid Blaming Each Other

If you start off the divorce by blaming your partner for the marriage downfall, it is likely the divorce proceedings will get increasingly frustrating for the both of you. Your chances of an amicable divorce will increase if both of you are determined to enter into the separation without putting the blame on each other. A marriage can fail for many reasons and sometimes, it can be empowering if you understand the importance of choosing to conduct yourself with dignity. Once you and your partner can accept the fact that your marriage is over, you will both realize that there is no need to expend additional energy, time and money on ending the partnership. Look towards the future and you will both be able to work towards a common goal and end the marriage amicably.

Understand the Impact of your Divorce

Going through a divorce will not only impact you and your spouse, but also your children and your family. Your divorce will likely cause your children’s world to crumble. Despite fighting your own demons, always consider what you really want for yourself and your children in the long run. Would you want to live with hatred and bitterness in your heart? Do you want your children to be forever burdened by the animosity between you and your partner? By choosing an amicable divorce, it is still possible to give your children a sense of normalcy and create an environment for you and your ex-spouse to co-parent them together.

A divorce can also have financial implications. By working things out amicably with your partner, you can both arrive at a mutually beneficial solution or arrangement. It is easy to get carried away by small details and drag the divorce proceedings on for months and even years. However, is it really worthwhile to be burdened by trivial issues that will not even matter in the long run? Your time will be better spent on respectfully discussing issues that are important to the both of you.

Compromise and be Honest

Choosing to hide your assets or being dishonest about your income when you are in the midst of a divorce can have disastrous outcomes. In the end, the truth will always prevail and deception will only lead to raised costs and wasted time. When you and your partner decide to engage in an amicable divorce, you will have to be honest and upfront about everything from the very beginning. This includes revealing any relevant financial information in a truthful manner. Both of you should be transparent about all the assets you hold. These assets are known as the family property. Providing accurate financial information is the first step to restoring respect in the relationship. Without deceit, both parties can then decide on the best way to reach a financial settlement.

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