Comprehensive Interrogatories Plaintiff 117 127 Forms


Involvement with Child's Day Care and Baby-sitting.

1. Within the past five years, have you been involved with any day care for the child?
2. If your answer to the preceding interrogatory is in the affirmative, please describe in detail the nature and extent of your involvement with the child's day care.
3. If, within the past five years, you have been involved with arranging day care for the child, please state:
a. A description and importance of criteria used to select a day care provider,
b. The methods used to qualify and select a day care provider,
c. The reasons for needing day care for the child,
d. The times of day and days of week day care is used,
e. The name and address of each day care provider selected,
f. The names of the director and key staff people at each such day care provider,
g. The cost of day care on a weekly or annual basis,
h. Whether you have paid all required taxes,
i. Whether you are responsible for the child's transportation to the day care facility.

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