Comprehensive Interrogatories Plaintiff 12 23 Forms


Employment History.

1. Are you currently or have you been self-employed?
2. If your answer to the preceding interrogatory is in the affirmative, please state:
a. The name of the business in which you are self-employed,
b. The type of business in which you are self-employed,
c. The date you opened or began the business,
d. The location(s) and length of operation of each place of business,
e. The number of employees in the business,
f. The annual gross and net earnings of the business from the current fiscal year and from the past 10 years of operation,
g. The names of your partners and investors in the business,
h. The names of your key employees and their job descriptions,
i. The sources of the funds you used to start the business,
j. The names of the business' major clients, accounts and customers.

Comprehensive Interrogatories_Plaintiff_12-23.pdf