Comprehensive Interrogatories Plaintiff 152 156 Forms


Medical History and Records.

1. Were you afflicted with or suffering from any medical condition, including illness, injury, ailment, infirmity, impairment or disability, before this cause of action arose?
2. If the answer to the preceding interrogatory is in the affirmative, please state as to each such condition:
a. A full and complete description of any such condition, including its nature, extent and severity,
b. The duration in time, in months and days, that you had any such condition,
c. Any medical or hospital examination, treatment, or care you had received for any such condition,
d. The names and addresses of any doctor or hospital involved with any examination, treatment or care of any such condition,
e. The dates of each and every such examination, treatment or care for any such condition,
f. Your entire medical history as it relates in any way to any such condition.

Comprehensive Interrogatories_Plaintiff_152-156.pdf