Expenses That May Be Added to the Basic Child Support Obligation?

Categories: Alimony & Child Support

Because some child-related expenses represent large or variable expenditures or are not incurred by typical intact families, it is not appropriate to include them in the Appendix IX-F basic child support awards.

If incurred in a particular case, certain expenses should be added to the basic support obligation.
The items listed below are not included in the Appendix IX-F child support awards:

Child-Care Expenses – The average cost of child care, including day camp in lieu of child care, is not factored into in the schedules. The net cost (after tax credits) of work-related child care should be added to the basic obligation if incurred.

Health Insurance for the Child – The parent’s marginal cost of adding a child to a health insurance premium is not included in the support schedules and should be added to the basic obligation if incurred.

 Predictable and Recurring Unreimbursed Health Care Expenses In Excess of $250 Per Child Per Year – Unreimbursed health-care expenses for a child in excess of $250 per child per year are not included in the schedules. Such expenses should be added to the basic obligation if they are predictable and recurring. Health-care expenses for a child that exceed $250 per child per year that are not predictable and recurring should be shared by the parents in proportion to their relative incomes as incurred (i.e., the sharing of these expenses should be addressed in the general language of the order or judgment). Health care costs that are not included in the support award should be paid directly to the parent who made or will make the expenditure or directly to the provider of the health care (also, see N.J.S.A. 2A:34-23b).

Other Expenses Approved by the Court – These are predictable and recurring expenses for children that may not be incurred by average or intact families such as private elementary or secondary education, special needs of gifted or disabled children, and visitation transportation expenses. The addition of these expenses to the basic obligation must be approved by the court.