How to Prepare For Your Expert Divorce Consultation at Romanowski Law

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At Romanowski Law Offices, our dedicated team of skilled, compassionate lawyers  practices family law exclusively. As co-founder of the Collaborative Divorce Concept, Curtis J. Romanowski prides himself on helping couples reach positive, creative resolutions. Every marriage is unique, and so is every divorce. If you’ve decided to get divorced, it is prudent to set up a consultation with an attorney as soon as possible. There are multiple ways to obtain a divorce. Romanowski Law Offices offers expert consultations to help clients determine what option is best suited to their individual needs.

Prior to a divorce consultation, you should prepare the necessary paperwork and information so that you and your attorney can determine the best option for your divorce.

Romanowski Law Offices has created a list of information you should bring to our expert divorce consultation. The list below is lengthy and some items may not be applicable to your particular case. However, review the list prior to your appointment and do your best to gather as much pertinent information as possible. In addition to providing insight into the details of your case, preparation also helps get the discovery process underway.

Information and Documentation to Bring to Your Expert Divorce Consultation

* Marriage certificate

* Birth certificate

* A timeline of relevant events that occurred during your marriage

* Information about prior marriages and their accompanying divorce decree

* Prenuptial agreement

* Information about marriage counseling and previous separations

* Employment status, name of employer, dates of employment, and copies of recent pay stubs

* Details about your spouse’s employment and income

* Driver’s license

* Social security number

* Three years of tax returns

* Bank account information

* Investment information (stocks, bonds, retirement accounts, pensions)

* Information about valuable information (art, jewelry, valuable collections)

* Real estate information (purchase date, what is owed, etc.)

* Information about all debts and whose name they are in

* Children (names and ages)

* Relevant issues that contributed to the divorce, such as addictions, domestic abuse, or infidelity

* A list of your own questions

The last item – a list of your own questions – is extremely important. Our lawyers have helped thousands of families obtain the most painless, cost-effective divorce possible, but this is likely your first experience with divorce. We expect you to have a long list of questions. In addition to giving you a better understanding of your needs and wants, asking questions also provides our legal team with a more complete view of your position and circumstances.

Romanowski Law Offices – NJ Divorce Lawyers

If you are considering divorce, a consultation with our skilled, compassionate legal team can provide the answers to your toughest questions. Curtis J. Romanowski and the knowledgeable professionals at Romanowski Law Offices will work tirelessly to negotiate a settlement and save you the time, cost, and agony of a long trial. However, if trial becomes imminent, we will prepare and position you for the best possible outcome. Curtis J. Romanowski prides himself on using creative alternatives to reach a fair resolution quickly and efficiently. Our legal team serves clients in Essex, Union, Warren, Bergen, and throughout NJ, and we can help you. Contact Romanowski Law Offices for an expert consultation about your case.