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Any social system – a group, person, community, nation, organization, or domestic relationship, like a marriage, civil union or domestic partnership – is best understood and improved most effectively by focusing upon system characteristics of a living, growing organism. The primary and leverage variables in organic growth are the antithetical processes of fear and trust and their correlates. Growth occurs as a movement from fear towards increasing trust.

Although divorce, dissolution or termination may be extremely uncomfortable, the process brings with it a unique opportunity for personal growth. The very fact a divorce, dissolution or termination is occurring serves as a tangible indicator that something has been very wrong, which must now be knowledgeably addressed. Highly significant issues may have been overlooked for years, as couples often settle into the comforts of their relationship, or were otherwise distracted by the day-to-day details of family life.

The sheer shock to the system of divorce, dissolution or termination – including the possibility of being alone and adjusting to the single lifestyle – allows us to learn from disappointments, break vicious cycles, and become healthier and happier people. We can then continue to grow in our healthy new lives through our discovery of renewed trust, openness, realization, and interdependence.

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When confronted with New Jersey Same-Sex Divorce, NJ Civil Union Dissolution or NJ Domestic Partnership Termination, you are best served to be able to move forward with a sense of security and confidence that you will be able to achieve proven positive results to resolve your now uncertain situation. Our knowledgeable, experienced and respected NJ Family Law Attorneys have the talent, mental toughness and courtroom savvy to help you achieve a greater sense of certainty that you can avoid bad decisions, address safety, health and money concerns, and discover new hope for the results you aspire to.

At Romanowski Law Offices, all of our highly trained and educated NJ Divorce LGBT Lawyers and NJ Family Law GLBT Attorneys share a burning sense of service and a focus on helping, giving to and supporting the clients we are honored to protect and to serve. Our proven central values are trust and contribution. We love what we do and guarantee competent, passionate and zealous legal representation to our valued clients, who humble us, daily, by giving us their trust.

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Romanowski Law Offices Founder and Principal, NJ Family Law Attorney Curtis J. Romanowski, Esq. is a long-term Member and frequent lecturer on NJ Same-Sex Divorce, NJ Civil Union Dissolution, NJ Domestic Partnership Termination and NJ Family Law for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Rights Section of the New Jersey State Bar Association – NJSBA LGBT Rights Section. The section addresses issues that are of importance to lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people, and advocates for and promotes the civil and human rights of the LGBT community.

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  • NJ Prenuptial Agreements / NJ Postnuptial Agreements / NJ Post-Civil Union Agreements / NJ Cohabitation Agreements – Discover how you can guarantee yourself more assurances and greater peace of mind and stability by creating more certainty, safety and security for the future by making a variety of significant decisions now.

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Marsha Shapiro and Louise Walpin married each other for the third time early Monday, October 21, 2013. But this time, it was especially memorable: They were among the first to tie the knot after New Jersey same-sex marriage became legal. A rabbi first “married” the couple in 1992 in a Jewish ceremony. They married a second time in New York in August 2012 after same-sex marriage became legal there. The couple helped pave the way there through a 2011 lawsuit that brought about the change. New Jersey has now become the 14th state to recognize gay marriages.

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