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Determining NJ Child Custody – What Family Law Judges look for

In custody determinations, courts always attempt to protect the children’s “best interests.”

This standard ensures a child’s safety, happiness, physical, mental & moral welfare. Parental wishes will be rejected if inconsistent with this standard.

Factors Considered in Determining Solution in a Child’s Best Interest:

  • Parents’ ability to agree, communicate & cooperate in child-related matters
  • Parents’ willingness to accept custody & any history of unwillingness to allow visitation not based on substantiated abuse
  • Interactions & relationship of the child with its parents & siblings
  • History of domestic violence, if any
  • Safety of child & safety of either parent from physical abuse by other parent
  • Preference of child, when of sufficient age & capacity to reason, so as to form an intelligent decision
  • Needs of child
  • Stability of home environment offered by each parent
  • Quality and continuity of child’s education
  • Fitness of parents
  • Geographic proximity of parents’ homes
  • Extent & quality of time spent with a child prior to & subsequent to separation
  • Parents’ employment responsibilities
  • Number & ages of children

Certain “informal” Factors Likewise Significantly Influence Custody Determinations:

Another significant factor is a court’s interest in identifying one parent who is most likely to put personal differences aside to unselfishly do right by his or her children. Any parent who demonstrates sincere action-based commitment to rise above existing contentions in order to affect amicable resolution of conflicts has an advantage, both within & without the court system. A second important criterion focuses on determining which parent is better suited to encourage & foster an appropriate relationship between child or children & the other parent.

How to Win Positive Results in NJ Child Custody Disputes

At Romanowski Law Offices, our professional staff is equipped with the experience, knowledge and training it takes to win positive results in New Jersey child custody and parenting disputes. Attorney Curtis J. Romanowski has never lost a custody dispute. His unique professional background and experience includes training in psychology, personality typology and neurolinguistic programming, as well as considerable experience teaching lawyers and mental health professionals.

Romanowski’s enhanced ability to understand and communicate effectively within the context of child and family psychology brings with it a greater ability to effectively examine and cross-examine witnesses in those cases that do make it to trial; particularly the examination and cross-examination of child custody experts and guardians ad litem. His familiarity with the vernacular of psychology and psychometric testing instruments also gives him the ability to transform technical jargon into easily understood terminology, useful in the preparation and delivery of persuasive, winning oral arguments.

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