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Since 1980, Romanowski Law Offices has been providing experienced support in New Jersey Family Law including issues such as: divorce, alimony, child custody and child support.

Family Law & Divorce – We all want security and experienced support when faced with legal issues involving our family and our marriage. Romanowski’s Attorneys are a just a phone call away when you need knowledgeable legal advice in situations involving child custody, divorce and other family law issues. Obtaining trustworthy advice is critical to making the best informed decisions that could have far reaching implications on one’s marriage, children and family finances. In these urgent situations, our experience provides a distinct advantage.

Service with Professionalism – Experience such as Former Special Assistant U.S. Attorney and Chairman of New Jersey’s Collaborative Family Institute has provided Attorney Curtis J. Romanowski with a solid foundation to protect his client’s domestic and economic interests. He has focused his legal career on developing winning strategies for divorce, child custody and legal situations to protect his client’s interests. He is devoted to improve how we deal with New Jersey divorce by advocating a positive, client-centered approach to family lawyering.

Step-by-Step Support – If divorce becomes inevitable, we are committed to be involved every step of the way to avoid a costly, bitter divorce by negotiating equitable matrimonial property settlements. If court appearances are required, our focus is on winning positive results through persuasive legal documents and convincing oral arguments.

Protect Your Rights – If a firm, tenacious approach is required, we’re there to support you. With over 1,000 seminars on bargaining, negotiation, conflict resolution and mediation, Attorney Romanowski’s experience is critical to a winning resolution. Plus, a burning commitment to offer genuine compassion to our clients during a difficult and stressful period drives our team to provide a kind, caring attitude to those we have the privilege to serve.

Creative Alternatives – We continually seek creative alternatives to New Jersey divorce and child custody cases. Attorney Curtis J. Romanowski is a Collaborative Divorce forerunner and has been credited as one of the co-founders of the Collaborative Divorce Concept. The registered service mark of our proprietary approach is Progressive® Divorce.

Trial Advocacy & Oral Argument – Very few New Jersey Divorce cases end in trial. However, if a trail is required, having the proven skills of an experienced trial lawyer is critical to successfully present your case. New Jersey Divorce records are full of unsuccessful cases that went to trial without the support of an experienced and trustworthy NJ Divorce Law Firm. Don’t let this happen to you and your family. Romanowski Law Offices is experienced and respected as a divorce lawyer, mediator and parenting coordinator, arbitrator and child custody advocate.

We serve matrimonial & family law clients in Monmouth, Middlesex, Ocean, Somerset, Union, Morris, Mercer, Hunterdon, Bergen, Essex, Hudson and Warren Counties. Our top matrimonial attorneys accept divorce and family law engagements in other New Jersey counties on a case-by-case basis.

Our offices are conveniently centrally located to provide law services from our Monmouth County office in Freehold.

When Experience Matters – When an experienced and trustworthy legal relationship matters in your divorce situation, Romanowski Law Offices is your choice.

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