Questions To Expect From Your Divorce Attorney

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Questions To Expect From Your Divorce Attorney

When you decide to go for a divorce consultation, you may wonder what are some questions the divorce attorney will ask. During the first meeting, the attorney will try to understand the situation you are in and find out what you want to do next. It is ideal to be prepared for the first meeting with your legal advisor so that you will be able to gather appropriate information for your consultation. Read on to find out about the questions you can expect from your divorce attorney.

Are You Living Together or Separately?

Before filing for divorce, many people may have already separated. It is important to let your attorney know whether you are living together or separately so as to be able to determine who will continue living in the family home.

Do You Have Children?

Children require a lot of care and attention, especially if they are under 18 years old. If you and your spouse have had children, you will need to decide on how you are going to parent them. The most complicated and stressful aspects of a divorce are child support issues and child custody, and they can take a toll on one’s emotional and mental health. As such, you will need to tell your attorney exactly what your wishes are so that your attorney will be able to devise a legal plan.

Why Did You Divorce?

The reason behind your divorce may ultimately impact the divorce process. You will need to tell your attorney whether either of you has wronged the other. For example, your attorney will need to know if there were problems like domestic violence or financial abuse between the both of you. In the case that your spouse had been abusive, your spouse may owe you financial compensation. This compensation can be given through additional alimony or assets during property division. Furthermore, if one of you had spent a large amount of money for your personal benefit like an affair, gambling or any purpose that did not benefit both marital partners, the other could be entitled to compensation.

What are Your Priorities?

Letting your attorney know your priorities makes it easier for them to craft a strong argument. If your most important objective is to get custody of your children, your attorney will be able to strategically prioritize those objectives.

Finding a Divorce Attorney?

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