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Romanowski Law Offices offers clients the advantage of almost 100 years of legal experience. When you come to us for help with your Jamesburg family law case, you can be sure that we will work hard to deliver the results that you want. Better still, we specialize in family law so we know all the hidden clauses and loopholes. You can depend on us to deliver a sound legal strategy to help you win your case.

About Jamesburg, NJ

The Borough of Jamesburg is located in the County of Middlesex in New Jersey. The borough has a population of about 6,000 residents and is completely surrounded by Monroe Township. The divorce rate in the borough is 9.2%.

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Our legal services include but are not limited to:

Divorce Lawyer Serving Jamesburg

Divorce cases can be very emotive and draining for all the parties involved. This, however, does not change the fact that you need a sound legal time by your side to get the results that you desire. By working with Romanowski Law Offices, you increase the chances of winning the case at hand. We have a team of highly experienced legal minds and we approach your case with compassion.

Family Lawyer Serving Jamesburg

When you engage Romanowski Law Offices to represent you in your family law case, you are bringing on-board one of the best legal minds in the country to help you win your case. Attorney Curtis J. Romanowski is one of the foremost legal minds when it comes to family law. You can be sure that your interests will be sufficiently protected.

Child Custody Lawyer Serving Jamesburg

Your Jamesburg child custody case is in good hands at Romanowski Law Offices. Our child custody attorneys specialize in this specific area of the law so they are very well versed in it. Best of all, you can count on us to spare no effort to get you the result that you desire.

Alimony and Child Support Lawyer Serving Jamesburg

Understanding the nuances of the law when it comes to alimony and child support laws in New Jersey is critical to getting the outcome that you desire. This is why it is important to engage a law firm such as Romanowski Law Offices to represent you. We have helped numerous clients win their cases and get the settlements that they wanted.

Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse Lawyer Serving Jamesburg

Domestic violence and spousal abuse cases in New Jersey vary depending on the circumstances of each case. This abuse ranges from verbal threats to physical violence. There are many options that are available to victims of such cases. These include filing for a restraining order to protect the abused spouse. At Romanowski Law Offices, you will find a team of experienced and caring attorneys who will guide you on the options that are open to you.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Lawyer Serving Jamesburg

When seeking to settle a divorce case or a child custody battle, many couples are increasingly seeking the services of an Alternative Dispute Resolution lawyer. Using the ADR approach allows a couple to settle their case amicably, thus evading the mental and emotional anguish that comes with courtroom cases. Our ADR lawyers can help you find a solution that will be acceptable among both parties.

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