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The legal team at Romanowski Law Offices is comprised of South Amboy’s most award-winning divorce and family law attorneys. Though we show compassion for our clients, we are tough in our representation of them, whether outside of court or in court. Through this approach, we consistently achieve positive, long-lasting outcomes. Since our very inception, we’ve provided legal representation services dealing with domestic violence, the distribution of property, child support, and more. At an affordable rate, we can take care of all your legal needs.

About South Amboy, NJ

As a suburban city of New Jersey’s Middlesex County, South Amboy only has about 8860 residents spread out over approximately 2.7 square miles. By the west and south, it is bordered by Sayreville. To the east, it is bordered by New York City’s Raritan Bay, and to the north by Perth Amboy. Those venturing through South Amboy may enjoy stopping by the following attractions: Great Beds Lighthouse, South Amboy Reach, The Proprietary House, and Raritan Bay Waterfront Park.

South Amboy | Legal Services Provided by Romanowski Law Offices

Our legal services include but are not limited to:

Divorce Lawyer Serving South Amboy

Since our inception, Romanowski Law Offices has been employing and training talented, tough, and courtroom-tested divorce attorneys in South Amboy. Our team has successfully and amicably resolved a wide range of matrimonial law and family law issues, divorces included.

Family Lawyer Serving South Amboy

Romanowski Law Offices consists of experienced legal representatives who can provide legal advice on any number of issues including divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, and more. We strive to achieve positive results and help our clients avoid a bitter, costly divorce. Whenever possible, we will work out equitable matrimonial property settlements.

Child Custody Lawyer Serving South Amboy

Cases involving child custody can entail any number of topics, including how to care for a child’s healthcare, medical, and educational needs. The South Amboy child custody attorneys at Romanowski Law Offices consistently put the best interest of your child forward while pursuing your desired custody rights in mediation or at trial.

Alimony and Child Support Lawyer Serving South Amboy

Are you facing an alimony dispute? Are you in search of an experienced South Amboy attorney to help represent your rights? Possibly you need to modify an alimony award already in existence because of unforeseen circumstances. Whatever the case, child support and alimony attorneys from our offices can be of invaluable assistance.

Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse Lawyer Serving South Amboy

Sadly, there seems to be a never-ending supply of harassment and stalking victims involving a former partner or ex-spouse. It’s time to put an end to the abuse by acquiring the services of a South Amboy attorney from Romanowski Law Offices! We can be of assistance in relocating you and your child and applying for protective orders.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Lawyer Serving South Amboy

Most people think of courtrooms when they entertain the idea of a divorce. But that’s not where all divorce cases are settled. If you are considering dissolving a same-sex marriage or opposite sex marriage, ADR (alternative dispute resolution) can prevent overly adversarial conditions. It can offer the perfect solution for all parties concerned. Where the primary aspects of your divorce are concerned, in reaching a fair agreement, our ADR attorney can help.

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