Splitting The Costs Of Your Child’s College Tuition After Divorce

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In addition to having to agree on a wide range of topics for successful divorce proceedings, there may still be some areas in which you and your former spouse need to either agree or work together on. Your child’s college tuition, after divorce, could be an area of contention between you and your ex. Many parents should not be surprised to learn that this is a significant part of the divorce. The average annual cost of tuition and fees is almost $40,000 at private colleges and almost $13,000 for public colleges.

Your Child’s Education

There’s a lot involved with parenthood. Its joy, in the minds of many, also carries with it a duty to ensure that a good college education is received by a child. In general, the courts are of the opinion that, for the cost of higher education of a child, parents who are financially capable should contribute.

For higher education, do parents have an obligation to contribute where their child is concerned? To evaluate the obligation of one or both parents, certain factors will be considered by the court.

Court Considerations

The following factors will be considered in a court’s decision as to whether or not the higher education of a child will be contributed to by (divorced) parents:

  • The child’s relationship to the paying parent, including shared goals and mutual affection, as well as responsiveness to parental guidance and advice.
  • In the form of loans and college grants, the availability of financial aid.
  • During the school year or on vacation, the ability of the child to earn income.
  • The financial resources of the child, including assets held in custodianship or trust, or owned individually.
  • The aptitude and commitment of the child for the requested education.
  • Both parents’ financial resources.
  • The requested contribution’s relationship to the kind of course of study or school sought by the child.
  • The ability of the parent to pay the fees
  • For the cost of higher education, the amount of money sought by the child.
  • What is the child’s expectation for higher education? The court will look at the effect of the goals of the parents and their background values.
  • If still living together with the child, whether or not the parent would have ordinarily contributed to the costs of the higher education requested by the child.

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