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“If you are looking for the best, Curt is your man”

– Posted by a Child Custody client

My ex has continuously taken me back to court for 3 years and has never complied with any of the Judges order. I was beginning to feel as though this could potentially be my life for the next 18 years. We were ordered to have a CNA evaluation done. Once the report came back I felt like my back was up against a wall. My ex completely lied in the report and the evaluator recommended him to have un-supervised visits with my child starting immediately. I was beyond nervous considering he has always put alcohol before his son. Then I found Curt (best decision I could have ever made). He went through my case, asked me questions, and although this was a stressful time his energy seemed to make me less nervous about our court date. When we went to court he was amazing. I could not have asked for a better outcome. All of my concerns he addressed with the Judge. He listened to me as a client and always had me and my child’s best interest as a priority. If you want the best lawyer in New Jersey then look no further. Curt as well as his staff went above my expectations.

“One of the Greats”

– Posted by Kristen, a Domestic Violence client

Mr. Romanowski is a very talented attorney that has an immense skill to pay high attention to detail. He not only just acquires immense skill for his particular profession and practice, but displays immense concern for his client’s needs. He responsive, precise and extremely understanding. One of the most intriguing attorneys to observe work his craft on trial. I was very pleased and impressed with how easy Curtis makes it look. I would highly recommend him to anyone I truly cared for because he simply is just one of the Greats.

“Posted by Alice due to a Restraining Order”

– Posted by Alice, a Family client

Upon recommendations we contacted his law firm. As soon as I met him I felt confident we were in good hands. I felt his concerns for us and our granddaughter. He resolved and handled the situation very effectively and quickly. He was very easy to talk to. He was very professional and responsive to my concerns with his knowledge of family law. I felt he was protecting us and our granddaughter’s future as well. I would hire him again in a second.

Excellent Experience

– Posted by Joe, a Divorce client

Very professional and responsive. I had an excellent experience. And would definitely hire this attorney again if the need arises.

New Jersey’s Top Divorce Lawyer

– Posted by Mitch, a Divorce client

I found him to be the most knowledgeable and personable lawyer on the panel, so that when I was going through my own divorce there was no question in my mind about who I should hire. Curt is the ideal divorce attorney. His knowledge of the law in this area is second to none. He is also a person of great integrity, and he will not create unnecessary conflict between parties in order to prolong the litigation. His aim is to help his clients resolve their conflicts as quickly and painlessly as possible, and in the most efficient and cost effective manner. In the end, his services were less expensive than lawyers who charge lower hourly rates. Curt is also a very friendly, likeable person, which makes the divorce process easier for his clients. I highly recommend him.

The lawyer to have!

– Posted by Katie, a Child Custody client

Curt Romanowski is a fantastic lawyer. Not only does he know his stuff inside and out, he is a very caring attorney. He is thorough, professional, and very, very real. If you have problems with your case, he will let you know and then do everything he can to turn it around for you. I would trust this man with my life. His office staff is equally as professional and caring. From the moment I went in for my initial consultation, I felt well taken care of and ‘at home’. This is one law firm I would recommend over and over. Family law is extremely emotional and delicate, and these are the right people to turn to when you need help. I give this firm 15 thumbs up!

Excellent Service

– Posted by Jason Brown, a Divorce client

Their lawyers are highly professional and experienced. They guide and help me a lot regarding my divorce case and finally i won my case. I preferred you go to Romanowski law office if you want to get relief from your divorce matter.

Truly Gifted Professional

– Posted by a Family client

I have known and worked with many lawyers in my life. In fact, I have several lawyers in my family. Mr. Romanowski came highly recommended by a business associate of mine. I remain grateful to him to this day because the impeccable lawyering Curt did for me, combined with his sincere personal warmth and wicked sense of humor got me through the toughest time in my life with flying colors. His memory alone was nothing short of startling and clearly intimidated the other attorneys while impressing the judges we went before. Everything about him inspires confidence and trust. I can honestly say that he is by far the best attorney I’ve ever seen work and without a doubt one of the finest people it’s ever been my pleasure to know.

You can’t put a price on having Curt represent you during divorce

– Posted by John, a Child Custody client

I don’t believe I can say enough about the competence and service I experienced when partnering with Curt Romanowski and his team during my long and difficult divorce. As a male fighting for equal custody time of a 12 month old while facing the realities of the legal system that can allow bogus restraining orders to be used as the most cynical of weapons in divorce, I found myself facing the unimaginable outcome of limited supervised visitation with my son.

As I sat before the court for the first time going up against my wife’s attorney, who was then ranked in the top 10 divorce attorneys in the country, I realized the magnitude of the situation and it was overwhelming. While I was confident in Curt’s abilities going in, I didn’t realize how lucky and fortunate I truly was to have him on my side until I saw him at his best in front of the judge defeating the adversary and their untruthful claims.

Ultimately Curt’s experience, tactics and legal knowledge led to continued victories at every turn  and it was clear he controlled and guided the outcome that I desired. The joint legal and physical custody that I won along with equal parenting time with my child is something that you can’t put a price on and neither is having Curt represent you during divorce.

Second to none, stop looking this is the lawyer you need to have.

– Posted by Bill, a Divorce client

Curt is the lawyer you need for any of your divorce / child custody needs. I am currently working with him in finalizing the best outcome for me and my children. Curt’s knowledge in all areas of these matters is impressive. His responses to phone call / emails are immediate, even during none working hours. If you want to be really impressed go watch one of his trials, you will be blown away by his abilities. I would recommend him to anyone going through these difficult times in their life.

Curtis is BRILLIANT!

– Posted by Divorced Lawyer, a Divorce client

From the moment I met with Curtis, I was confident that he would win my case. My ex-husband contested every aspect of the divorce and Curtis won on every issue. As a practicing attorney myself, I am very pleased with the level of professionalism and the quality of representation I received. I would recommend Curtis and his staff anytime.

Family Law Super Lawyer

– Posted by carol, a Divorce client

I had a unique situation and Mr. Romanowski handled it with knowledge, professionalism and determination. He is a “pitbull” in the courtroom.

Excellent Process And Results

– Posted by Jim, a Divorce client

With the help of a Corporate liability lawyer friend, I was able to research the prior work and publications of all Middlesex County divorce lawyers. I chose 3 to interview to represent me. I explained my situation and my goal of achieving a divorce agreement that was fair to both parties in both financial and parenting terms, and that I wanted to achieve those goals in a manner as non-confrontational as possible where it is win-win for both sides. I also indicated the other side would likely be hostile and desire an outcome where they win, and I lose….big time. I then asked each one how they envisioned achieving a win-win outcome with that kind of hostile adversarial environment.

Two of the three lawyers I interviewed indicated I needed to prepare myself for a battle. In broad terms each described how to go about winning my case in a manner that would be aggressive. These lawyers acted as though they were preparing for a war which they were truly excited about and welcomed as an opportunity to show their strength, and I admit they appeared to have a great battle plan.

Curt’s response was different…he explained how he would work to achieve my goals of a win-win outcome, in the manner that I wanted to achieve these goals. He cautioned there will be moments where we would have to aggressively counter-defend in order to achieve my goal of a fair agreement, and he described how to do that while minimizing the chance for a hostile environment. He also cautioned that as we progressed through the action that we may have to change our style and tactics.

As I thought about who to choose it was east to see Curt was the only lawyer of the three that actually listened to me, and formulated a preliminary approach based on my desires while recognizing that as things progressed we may need to consider alternative approaches. I remember thinking if this was a battlefield the other lawyers would be excellent Captains at the front line, executing a prepared battle plan focused on that point in the war, but blind to the big picture of what was needed in the long run. Curt was the General, examining all the short term alternatives with the goal of achieving the long term result, assessing likelihood of success of each alternative, and modifying the plan as needed based on new information. I chose the General.

Curt more than fulfilled my expectations. He planned well, collected all the data and information he needed from me, and formulated a plan. There were some financial wrinkles in this case and Curt impressed me with his ability to cite prior similar cases. He would have been a great teacher, as he made sure I understood everything he was doing, often explaining things in non-legal terms. If he wasn’t available when I called he returned calls within 24 hours, I even remember one or two Saturday morning return calls! As we neared the end and had face-to-face negotiations Curt was very effective, becoming aggressive when the situation called for it. I cannot speak to Curt’s trial abilities as we reached an agreement the morning of the trial, but given the way he prepared for it I’m confident we would have had a successful trial outcome.

I recommend Curt’s work with absolutely no reservations.

Very Pleased!

– Posted by a Divorce client

I used Mr. Romanowski for my divorce and I must say, after all of the attorneys I had contacted, Mr. Romanowski was the only one who had me feeling very comfortable with putting “my life in his hands” so to speak. He was very attentive and knowledgeable. He helped me through one of the toughest times of my life and I am very grateful to have had such a wonderful attorney in my corner.

 – AAA+++ NJ Divorce Lawyer

– Posted by Dawn, a Divorce client

I used Curt Romanowski as my lawyer for an agonizing divorce I was going through. He was fabulous! He was prompt, always kept me informed, guided me through the process and was very personable. I don’t know what I would have done without him and his expertise. I would definately recommend Curt and should I have any further law issues, he’s the first one I’ll call.

“Results may vary depending on your particular facts and circumstances.”