Why DIY Divorces Are Not a Good Idea

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You have already done preliminary research about your divorce and you are surprised at the amount of free information there is online. With so much information at your access and with sites offering to help you complete your forms, why would you need an attorney?

If divorces were truly that simple, there would be no need for attorneys or family court, but divorces are not that simple in reality. Just like any other legal matter, there are times a divorce case must go to court; and representing yourself could lead to disaster.

Divorces do not cost as much as you think – especially if you and your spouse are considering a collaborative divorce. If your divorce is not agreeable, then the reasons you need an attorney only increase – because you need someone to look out for your best interests.

Reasons You Need a Divorce Attorney

Doing a divorce on your own comes with numerous drawbacks and those drawbacks often overshadow the cost savings you think you are receiving. Some of the reasons you should not do a DIY divorce include:

  1. The division of assets is final; therefore, it cannot be changed after the fact. After you and your ex have agreed on the property division settlement and that settlement is signed, an Order will be issued by the court. That Order cannot be modified or revoked later on. Therefore, it is critical that you and your spouse understand what are marital assets and non-marital assets and what is an “equitable” division before signing any documents – and this often requires the assistance of an attorney.
  2. Every jurisdiction has their own unique rules and procedures. Even if you are using an online site that claims to follow all procedures and rules, it is unlikely they have the complexity to fine-tune their documents to your jurisdiction specifically. Only an attorney knows the latest statutes and procedures that apply to your specific divorce case.
  3. You will lose more money with a DIY divorce than you save. Cost is the main reason couples will do a DIY divorce versus hiring an attorney. But, not having legal guidance or an advocate working to protect your rights puts you at a serious disadvantage. It is important that your divorce settlement addresses all financial concerns and that your best interests are protected.

Bottom line, divorces were never meant to be a DIY project; instead, they require the assistance of a licensed, experienced professional. Choosing to do your own divorce means accepting a significant amount of risk – more risk than you may be willing to take on once you realize that the consequences will be permanent.

Contact an Attorney to Explore Your Options

Your divorce does not have to cost thousands of dollars. In fact, you could benefit from a collaborative divorce with a New Jersey family law attorney. The attorneys at Romanowski Law Offices offer numerous alternative dispute resolution options so that going to trial and spending excess funds is not the only way to finalize your divorce. Contact us online or call 732-603-8585 to schedule your expert consultation.