Why Should You Hire Child Custody Litigation Experts?

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Why Should You Hire Child Custody Litigation Experts?

Fighting in court for custody of your child is never an easy situation to deal with. However, if you happen to be in the midst of a messy divorce, then it might be unavoidable. Here at Romanowski Law Offices, Curtis J. Romanowski has years of experience in the legal field and specializes in family law and divorce cases. His expertise in these areas can help you every step of the way in negotiating an equitable settlement. He is co-author of the much acclaimed family law treatise, Child Custody, Protection and Support and has been cited several times as authoritative by the New Jersey Supreme Court. He provides a client-centric experience that is focused on protecting clients’ rights and offering creative solutions.

How Can an Expert Help?

In many child custody cases, litigation is needed in order to protect the interests of the child involved. In the case where parents do not want to compromise or even act unreasonably and with hostility, negotiations might not be sufficient. There also have been cases where the parent is the threat to the child. The attorney here at Romanowski Law Offices can offer creative alternatives in these cases and grant you ease of mind that your children are well-protected and that you have access to your parental rights.

Having an experienced child custody litigation expert will definitely help in any case. Essentially, they will be able to give you professional advise and come up with strategies that are customized to your needs and in line with the best interests of your loved ones. This will allow you to easily transition to your new life and obtain the most optimal overall outcome for you and your child.

A child custody expert will be able to help you manage deadlines and submit important paperwork. Working with us would mean that all your documents are timely and accurately filed. More importantly, an expert will be able to speak on your behalf in court. With our attorney’s vast knowledge about New Jersey child custody laws, it would definitely be wise to have him on your side.

Why Romanowski Law Offices

Our attorney has been known for consistently delivering his expertise and personalized services in a compassionate way. When you work with Romanowski Law Offices, rest assured that we will be on your side and give you honest advice. You have our professional guarantee that there will be no time wastage and value for money. Our attorney understands that litigation trials can be stressful and highly emotional for all the parties involved. Thus, it is his responsibility to guide and offer support through the entire process. We also recognize that the emotional well-being of our clients is of utmost importance.

The Benefits of Mediation

Typically, litigation should be used as the last option after every other alternative has been exhausted. It is usually recommended that mediation be used to negotiate their decisions which affect their children. Mediation is an extremely effective method for parents to look out for the well-being of their children given the tumultuous nature of divorce. This method of negotiation can help to reduce unnecessary stress that might be placed on yout child and allows for placing important decisions in the hands of the parents instead of the court. Other than litigation cases, we also focus on alternative dispute resolutions such as mediation. While Mr. Romanowski is considered a mediation expert, he strongly recommends against mediation without attorney representation on both sides.