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At Romanowski Law Offices, we have taken a unique approach to family law that is both compassionate and yet focuses on helping our Keansburg clients achieve their strategic legal objectives. We specialize in family law and our legal team comprises of family law attorneys who are recognized for their expertise in NJ family law matters.

About Keansburg, NJ

Keansburg is a borough in Monmouth County with a population of about 10,000 residents. The borough borders Hazlet and Middletown Townships, as well the NYC borough of Staten Island across the Raritan Bay. Keansburg has an estimated divorce rate of 11.3%.

Keansburg | Legal Services Provided by Romanowski Law Offices

Our legal services include but are not limited to:

Divorce Lawyer in Keansburg

Going through a divorce case can be a strenuous process for many people. Major decisions have to be made and some of them affect innocent parties such as children. With that in mind, you need a Keansburg divorce lawyer with experience and compassion. At Romanowski Law offices, we combine years of experience with a client-centered approach to increase your chances of a successful outcome.

Family Lawyer in Keansburg

Getting a family law attorney is something many people hope to never have to do. Unfortunately, some circumstances often lead us to hire a family lawyer to protect our interests. At Romanowski Law Offices, we understand that some disputes are inevitable and we work hard to protect our clients’ interests while keeping the matter as amicable as possible.

Child Custody Lawyer in Keansburg

Many factors come into play during a child custody hearing. For this reason, you need a lawyer who can protect your interests while at the same time ensuring that the best interests of the child are taken into consideration. If you need a child custody lawyer in Keansburg, look no further than Romanowski Law Offices. We have considerable experience in handling child custody cases and will fight to give you your desired outcome.

Alimony and Child Support Lawyer in Keansburg

Child support under New Jersey law is very nuanced and many people do not understand what expenses are covered under NJ law and which ones are not. When you come to Romanowski Law Offices for a Keansburg alimony or child support case, we will help you navigate this process and ultimately help you either get the alimony or child support award that you seek.

Domestic Violence & Spousal Abuse Lawyer in Keansburg

Victims of domestic violence require support and protection to help them live a normal and safe life. For this reason, the legal team at Romanowski Law Offices will give you legal advice as well as help you get protective instruments such as restraining orders. We can also help you get the compensation that you deserve for undergoing emotional and physical abuse.

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Lawyer in Keansburg

Many couples in Keansburg opt to dissolve their marriages amicably through the services of an Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) lawyer. This saves the couple a considerable amount of money that would have been spent on court trials. At Romanowski Law Offices, we can act as neutral arbiters for a couple seeking this negotiated approach.

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