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At Romanowski Law Offices, we provide experienced, results-oriented legal representation for opposite-sex and same-sex spouses in all matters relating to filing for divorce. Our family lawyers have well over 50 years of combined legal experience, and we are dedicated to helping our clients protect their interests and enforce their legal rights. If you are considering dissolving your marriage or ending a civil union or domestic partnership, contact us first to discuss your options in an expert consultation.

Examples of Our Results

The following is just a small sampling of some of the results we’ve obtained for our clients in divorce and separation proceedings in New Jersey:

  • Fourteen-year marriage – Alimony and child support awarded to client wife at multi-day trial. Both parties were relatively young and wife was earning over 40 percent of the marital income.
  • Ten-year marriage – Sole legal and physical custody of four-year-old son awarded to client father following a ten-day custody trial. We also consistently prevailed in related post-judgment litigation, which included New Jersey Appellate Division and New Jersey Supreme Court applications. Although our client earned over $80,000 more than his wife, we successfully avoided any alimony award against him. In fact, his former wife was ordered to pay child support. The case involved no less than six domestic violence complaints by the former wife against our client, all of which were successfully defended at multiple trials.
  • Ten-year marriagePermanent alimony and child support awarded to client wife at trial of hotly contested support issues. Wife was a young, able-bodied income earner and mother.
  • Ten-year marriage – Husband made domestic violence complaint against client wife during the pendency of their New Jersey divorce. We successfully defended the wife and obtained compensatory damages against the husband for filing a frivolous claim.
  • Ten-year marriage – Client husband filed domestic violence complaint against his wife during the pendency of their New Jersey divorce, and wife counterclaimed. Husband was awarded sole legal and physical custody of the couple’s child.
  • Ten-year marriage – Successfully limited husband’s alimony exposure to eight years at $1,500 per month and one year at $1,000 per month. Client husband earned $110,000 per year, while former wife was an unemployed full-time mother of three. Former wife’s New Jersey divorce attorney sought permanent alimony or 16 years of limited-duration alimony at $3500 per month going into trial. We also secured additional parenting time for our client.
  • Six-year marriage – Evenly shared legal and residential custody of five-year-old son awarded to client father following a three-day divorce trial, where wife’s attorney sought sole legal and physical custody. Husband was ultimately designated as the parent of primary residence (PPR).
  • Non-marital cohabitation relationship – Won full ownership of home purchased in contemplation of marriage (which never occurred) for client father following multi-day trial, which was limited to the issues of entitlement to the home and child support. Our mid-trial request for legal briefing and argument regarding the partitioning of the home resulted in success for our client.

Experience You Can Trust

Curtis Romanowski, our firm’s founder, was recently entrusted to handle one of the largest divorces in New Jersey history, serving as the plaintiff’s attorney in a proceeding to divide a marital estate with assets in excess of $300 million. He also recently co-authored the legal treatise, New Jersey Family Law – Volume I: Relationships Involving Children (2014) with the Honorable Robert A. Fall, J.A.D. (Ret.). Over the past 30 years, Curtis has also presented numerous lectures and training programs on conflict negotiation, mediation, couple communication, and Collaborative Divorce. As a result, it perhaps comes as no surprise that Curtis is widely recognized as an authority on divorce law and one of the top family law trial attorneys in the country.

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Thanks to television shows and websites advertising “do-it-yourself” divorces online, many people do not realize the complexity and breadth of issues involved in filing for divorce. At Romanowski Law Offices, we work closely with our clients to understand their needs, identify their options, and execute sound legal strategies designed to achieve their desired outcomes. From child custody rights to alimony and equitable division of property, we apply our extensive knowledge and focus on using our clients’ circumstances to their advantage so that they can walk away with the rights they deserve.

With offices conveniently located in Freehold and central New Jersey, we serve clients throughout the Garden State. To schedule your expert, confidential consultation, call (732) 603-8585 or contact us online today.