Understanding the New Jersey Parent Education Program

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All couples that file a complaint for divorce in New Jersey are required under statute 2A:34-12 to attend a parent education program. There is a fee associated with filing the Complaint for Divorce when children are involved and the fee is slightly increased from that of couples without children. The additional fee is then utilized to fund these educational programs.

The New Jersey Parent Education Program is designed to advise divorcing parents on issues involving their separation, divorce, and custody in regards to New Jersey statutes. The program helps promote cooperation between the parents and assists them with resolving issues that can arise during a divorce or separation. Just some of the issues that may be resolved during the process include:

  • Understanding the process and associated costs of legal separations, divorce, arbitration, and other alternative dispute resolution methods.
  • Understanding each person’s financial responsibility for the child(ren).
  • Understanding how parents should interact with their children and any areas that may need adjustment or concerns that must be addressed during the divorce.
  • Understanding how a divorce can force children to act out, have difficulties communicating, etc.
  • Teaching parents how they can assist their children through the stress and emotions associated with a divorce.

How the Education Program Works

Parents are required to attend this program, but they do not have to attend together. Instead, each parent will attend separate sessions of the parenting program, which is typically held at a County Courthouse in the area where the parents reside.

The courts do not use these educational programs to punish divorcing couples; instead, the program is designed to benefit parents and children alike. Divorce is very difficult for everyone involved and the emotional fallout of a divorce in combination with creating a co-parenting relationship and handling the logistics of such is too much for couples to deal with on their own. These programs helps parents manage these very issues and help guide parents during a time it is needed the most.

In these courses couples will develop communication techniques, conflict resolution skills and they can implement what they learn for years to come. These skills also help parents cope with issues as they arise later — such as remarriage.

Most importantly, these courses teach parents how their actions and the process itself impact their children — and what they can do to ensure it does not affect their child’s emotional stability.

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